Hypnosis, learning and peace

Wow is the best word for the last few days. The UK Hypnosis Convention was fantastic. 3 days of talks, presentations and trainings’, mixed with a question and answer session and other social events in the evenings. A whirlwind of information, that deserves it’s own blog or maybe several.

The rest of our time away from the office was to celebrate my 50th birthday, and to have a new experience. This time away has really highlighted for me the pressure we put ourselves under due to our constant connectivity. Our awareness of the expectation of others when they send or leave us a message, that we can, and will respond to them in their expected time frame is just one of many reasons to unplug every once in a while.

Some people are disciplined and turn their phone off, or the ‘do not disturb’ feature on, at a set time every day. Others have apps set up so they can track their phone, social media and game usage. But for many the temptation of this little electrical box is too much. Mobile phones have so many capabilities now that I often wonder how we managed 10 years ago.

But manage we did, and this was something I wanted to get back to. We booked a couple of nights at Higher Culloden Farm in one of their cute wooden glamping pods. The pods have no heating or electricity (though there is in the kitchen and private bathroom), we expected a getting back to our roots experience. However it was more like posh wild camping that was very comfortable and cosy (obviously very well insulated), right here in our beautiful county. North Cornwall is so different from here in Helston, so many more trees and what a perfect time to be nestled in amongst them in all their golden glory.

By unplugging from the world we gave ourselves time and space to really enjoy an easy connection to the natural world. Such an incredible experience enriched even more by hearing and seeing so many birds and animals, both on the farm and in the wild.
It was the prefect break for spending time together, chatting and discussing all that we had learnt at the UK Hypnosis conference. It also gave us a great opportunity for practicing some of our new skills and for developing our self-hypnosis for relaxation and visualisation course. The only issue was we ran out of time so quickly, we are definitely going back and I can highly recommend it.

In the mean time, and for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have the time or facility to take this time out; how about creating your own version. You may want to start with a short period of time but give yourself the option of extending it. You might be surprised just how much you enjoy being unplugged.

Plan ahead
Plan a time, book it in your diary and in the diaries of anyone else involved.
Plan your time……what you want to do?…talk about?……achieve?
It this time for you? For your relationship? or to spend with friends?
There is only one rule, turn phones off or mute them and put them in another room

It sounds easy doesn’t it? But many of us have so much going on in our lives that pull on our time, that we often find it hard to take time out completely. The wonderful convenience mobile phones now give us comes at a price, almost constant connectivity to the whole world can be very draining. Remember to be kind to yourself, and others. Give them time to think and respond to you; give yourself time to read that article, magazine or book. Spend some uninterrupted time with loved ones or even just take a bath and relax.

The Clocks Went Back

Over the weekend autumn officially arrived and the clocks went back an hour. If like me this throws you out of your routine, you will be experiencing something similar to jetlag. We have crossed a time zone!

Being an hour out with everything can really upset our systems. If you can, change your bedtime and getting up time by 10 minutes every couple of days. This will allow you to gradually get used to the new time zone. If not then go to bed earlier than you normally would for a few days until you feel settled again. A little extra sleep is rarely a bad thing.

It is the time of year we need to look after ourselves a little more, especially after such a lovely summer here in the UK. Remember to make time for a little extra rest, and to pamper yourself with a new self-care routine. Temperatures seem to be fluctuating quite a bit between daytime (especially on sunny days), and evening, so taking extra care of the parts of your body that are exposed is sensible.

One thing many of us forget at this time of year is to stay hydrated; with falling temperatures cold water can seem less tempting. But there are many alternatives from warm water with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime to the more obvious tea or coffee. Decaffeinated is better for us, and many of the brands available now have very little difference in taste. There are also fruit and herbal teas routinely available, so if you haven’t tried them now is a great time to try something new.

Hypnotherapy and us.

We get a lot of people asking “ what is it you actually do” to which my favorite reply is the following:-

We have all at some point had something that has stopped us from achieving our goals or held us back from reaching our true potential.

Weather that be that promotion you desire, but the anxiety of extra responsibility and managing others holds you back, that destination you have always wanted to go and visit, but a fear of flying or travel in general stops you. Even a fear of dentists, needles and hospitals can have a negative effect on your own personal being.

Close your eyes and imagine Now, your life in a year, two years, far into the future, knowing that fear, that negative influence in your life no longer exists, get a sense of feeling positive, feeling confident, having achieved those goals.

Imagine yourself with that new job or that promotion, feeling in control, feeling positive and focused, Imagine being in that destination experiencing new amazing sights,new sounds and new cultures, tasting the local cuisine, feeling great, feeling inspired.

Imagine yourself healthier and happier than you have ever been, knowing that you are taking care of your health, knowing the dentist and hospitals visits that you may need are helping you to become fitter and stronger.

Experience that now let those feelings and experiences grow and fill your entire being, and open your eyes now.

That’s what we do.