Hypnotherapy and us.

We get a lot of people asking “ what is it you actually do” to which my favorite reply is the following:-

We have all at some point had something that has stopped us from achieving our goals or held us back from reaching our true potential.

Weather that be that promotion you desire, but the anxiety of extra responsibility and managing others holds you back, that destination you have always wanted to go and visit, but a fear of flying or travel in general stops you. Even a fear of dentists, needles and hospitals can have a negative effect on your own personal being.

Close your eyes and imagine Now, your life in a year, two years, far into the future, knowing that fear, that negative influence in your life no longer exists, get a sense of feeling positive, feeling confident, having achieved those goals.

Imagine yourself with that new job or that promotion, feeling in control, feeling positive and focused, Imagine being in that destination experiencing new amazing sights,new sounds and new cultures, tasting the local cuisine, feeling great, feeling inspired.

Imagine yourself healthier and happier than you have ever been, knowing that you are taking care of your health, knowing the dentist and hospitals visits that you may need are helping you to become fitter and stronger.

Experience that now let those feelings and experiences grow and fill your entire being, and open your eyes now.

That’s what we do.

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