The Clocks Went Back

Over the weekend autumn officially arrived and the clocks went back an hour. If like me this throws you out of your routine, you will be experiencing something similar to jetlag. We have crossed a time zone!

Being an hour out with everything can really upset our systems. If you can, change your bedtime and getting up time by 10 minutes every couple of days. This will allow you to gradually get used to the new time zone. If not then go to bed earlier than you normally would for a few days until you feel settled again. A little extra sleep is rarely a bad thing.

It is the time of year we need to look after ourselves a little more, especially after such a lovely summer here in the UK. Remember to make time for a little extra rest, and to pamper yourself with a new self-care routine. Temperatures seem to be fluctuating quite a bit between daytime (especially on sunny days), and evening, so taking extra care of the parts of your body that are exposed is sensible.

One thing many of us forget at this time of year is to stay hydrated; with falling temperatures cold water can seem less tempting. But there are many alternatives from warm water with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime to the more obvious tea or coffee. Decaffeinated is better for us, and many of the brands available now have very little difference in taste. There are also fruit and herbal teas routinely available, so if you haven’t tried them now is a great time to try something new.

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